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For a better indonesia


An economy that is driven by innovation can encourage national development and get Indonesia out from the middle-income trap.


Strategic innovation driven by research and development can drive Indonesia's progress. This is where collaboration between government, companies and academics is needed.


The 17 goals in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially regarding renewable energy, measures to tackle climate change, and programs to enhance society’s quality of life must be massively implemented.

Urban Development

Urban development combined with infrastructure development to connect various islands in Indonesia can accelerate connectivity from upstream to downstream, metropolitan and develop a sustainable environment.

What is Prof. Bambang
Doing about This?

Through various policies that have been made by Prof. During his time as a bureaucrat and independent advisor, Prof. Bambang is always active to encourage the implementation of these issues based on his expertise.

Currently, Prof. Bambang is active in passing on his knowledge to the next generation through various seminars and guiding young people through teaching at the University of Indonesia. In addition, he is also active in leading the Indonesia Forum Foundation for all the stakeholders, including the younger generation.

These issues have become Prof. Bambang’s high concerns his role as an independent advisor, academic, and chairman of the foundation.

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